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Dave Stanke

Dave Stanke

Google Cloud

Session Name: DO, RE, Me: Measuring the Effectiveness of Site Reliability Engineering

The DevOps Research and Assessment group, or DORA, has conducted broad research on engineering teams’ use of DevOps for nearly a decade. Meanwhile, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) has emerged as a methodology with similar values and goals to DevOps. How do these movements compare? In 2021, for the first time, DORA studied the use of SRE across technology teams, to evaluate its adoption and effectiveness. 



Speaker Bio:

Dave Stanke (twitter: @davidstanke) is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform, specializing in DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and other flavors of technical relationship therapy. He loves chatting with practitioners: listening to stories, telling stories, sharing a healthy cry. Prior to Google, he was the CTO of OvationTix/TheaterMania, a SaaS startup in the performing arts industry, where he specialized in feeding memory to Java servers. He chose on purpose to live in New Jersey, where he enjoys baking, indie rock, and fatherhood.