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Dave Rensin

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Dave Rensin


Dave Rensin is a Google SRE Director and the founder of Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) -- a team of SREs pointed outward at customer production systems. He also leads Global Network Capacity Planning for Google and previously led Global Support for Google Cloud. As a longtime startup veteran he has lived through an improbable number of ‘success disasters’ and pathologically weird failure modes. Ask him how to secure a handheld computer by accidentally writing software to make it catch fire, why a potato chip can is a terrible companion on a North Sea oil derrick, or about the time he told Steve Jobs that the iPhone was "destined to fail."

Session: What Is SRE And Why Every DevOps Professional Should Care

On the the hottest trends in operations today is SRE, but could you explain it to your boss? How does it relate to DevOps? Who can and cannot adopt it? Come hear Dave Rensin, head of Customer Reliability Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering, explain how Google SRE/CRE started at Google, why they are working so hard to make sure everyone can adopt it, and why it matters to every DevOps practitioner.