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Daria Barteneva

Daria Barteneva


Session Name: SRE Culture as a Glue - in times of global pandemic

In this talk, we will look at the beginning of 2020 when the global pandemic started and many organizations needed to adapt to remote operations. We will review the latest studies about lockdown impact on the individual and communication effectiveness in the engineering organization. We will look at how we can overcome lockdown challenges using SRE mindset and practices. We will use an example of new team member onboarding, but applicable to other areas of engineering engagement. We will analyze simple steps that will allow you to be effective remotely while crossing organizational boundaries and building your network. We will review examples of how you can leverage SRE practices and build common workstreams focused on improving service reliability, observability and quality of platform and processes.


Speaker Bio:

Daria Barteneva is currently the Principal Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft. With a background in applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, and music, Daria is passionate about data mining, and diversity in tech and opera. In her current role, Daria is focused on changing organizational culture, processes, and platforms to improve service reliability and on-call experience. Daria is originally from Moscow, Russia, spent 20 years in Portugal, and now lives in Dublin, Ireland.