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Daria Barteneva

Daria Barteneva


Session Name: 10 steps to implement SLO in your organization

"This session will focus on how to drive Service Level Objectives (SLO) adoption in your organization. We will look through different areas and phases you, as an SLO evangelist, will need to focus on and give tips on how to be successful in those phases. In more details we will walk through:

Where do you start
How to upskill yourself
What artifacts you need to create to support SLO adoption
First Training and Workshop on SLO
SLO Pilot
Dissemination channels/internal talks/discussion forums
Measure your progress
Early Adopters
Feedback Loop"

Speaker Bio:

Daria Barteneva is currently Senior Software Engineer on Observability Platform in Azure. With a background in applied mathematics, artificial intelligence, and music, Daria is passionate about data mining, and diversity in tech and opera. In her current role, Daria is focused on changing organizational culture, processes, and platforms to improve service reliability and on-call experience. Daria is originally from Moscow, Russia, spent 20 years in Portugal, and now lives in Dublin, Ireland.