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Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh

Red Hat

Session Name: Serverless Functions: Accelerating DevOps Adoption

Server less functions are driving the fast adoption of DevOps development and deployment practices today. To successfully adopt server less functions, developers must understand how server less capabilities are specified using a combination of cloud computing, data infrastructure, and function-oriented programming. In this session, I’ll be speaking about what kinds of open source projects and tools enable you to write a server less function with super fast boot and response times and built-in resource optimization. Then, you’ll understand how these capabilities take you to advanced DevOps practices as well as business acceleration. Furthermore, developers can avoid the extra work of developing a function from scratch, optimizing the application, and deploying it to Kubernetes.



Speaker Bio:

Daniel Oh is a senior principal developer advocate at Red Hat and works as a CNCF ambassador / DevOps Institute ambassador as well. He's well recognized in cloud-native app dev, as a senior DevOps evangelist in many open source projects and international conferences.