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Session Name: From Zero to Hero in Kubernetes Native Java

More than 10 million Java developers are currently working to realize business requirements and spend a ton of time and effort to optimize the application performance for a variety of workloads (e.g., Web, Mobile, AI/ML, Edge) in the cloud. A big issue for the developers is to adopt a new language programming or runtimes over Java due to the lack of compatibility with Kubernetes. This session will walk you through how developers can scaffold a Java project from scratch then build it as a Kubernetes Native application that allows you to have a tiny low memory footprint and milliseconds startup time. You can also continue testing and debugging the application while it’s already deployed to the remote Kubernetes, same as the local developer experiences of inner loop development.



Speaker Bio:

Daniel Oh is a senior principal technical marketing manager at Red Hat and works as CNCF ambassador / DevOps Institute ambassador as well. He's well recognized for cloud-native runtimes(Quarkus, Node.js, Spring Boot), serverless function design, and deployment in multi- and hybrid cloud platforms.