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Daniel Kocot

Daniel Kocot

Senior Solutions Architect

Session Name: APIOps: Automated Processes for Even Better APIs

The development of APIs always begins with the old -- and meanwhile boring -- battle of API-first or code-first. However, working with APIs involves a process that includes design, development and operation. With this in mind, along with the various ways API gateways and API platforms can support these processes, the question of how to automate these processes arises very quickly. In this session, Daniel Kocot will show how API gateways and API platforms can positively influence the development process of APIs based on the DevOps concept and CAMS model to deliver better and better APIs to consumers.



Speaker Bio:

Daniel has been a member of the codecentric team in Solingen since October 2016. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has dedicated himself to the topic of “Digital Transformation”. In addition to his current focus on Cloud & Service Connectivity, Application Lifecycle Management Tooling, Continuous Documentation, Legacy Modernization and VoiceUI, he is also an expert in the use of product information systems (PIM) and database publishing using rendering technologies. At the end of last year, he was awarded the first German speaking Kong Champion.