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Session Name: From Jenga Driven Development to Domain Driven Design: Aligning Teams for Value Delivery

Whether you are a developer, end-user, product owner, or c-suite, thoughts of an upcoming software update should never be the source of Jenga-anxiety - that feeling experienced as you slowly pull out a Jenga brick, anxiously awaiting the outcome and hoping the entire tower doesn’t come collapsing down. In this talk, I’ll explore some problems that cause teams and organizations to be afraid to deploy on demand, to deliver things that are not adding the right value, and why it sometimes feels like the Jenga towers are falling down all around us. I’ll share some root causes of why deployment often inspires Jenga-like anxiety leading to “scheduled war-rooms” and a fear of the deploy button. We’ll walk through Domain Driven Design concepts and ways to apply them at a strategic level to mitigate these problems and reshape teams, communication, and process to alleviate Jenga-anxiety and allow teams to deploy frequently with confidence.

Speaker Bio:

Dana has been a software developer since 1998. She is an advocate of lean process and agility, a practitioner of CD and DevOps evangelist.