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Chrystina Nguyen

Chrystina Nguyen

Rhythmic Technologies, BDL

Session Name: DevOps on the Menu

A presentation on my transition into tech from the restaurant industry and how there are so many similarities of DevOps culture all around us.



Speaker Bio:

Joining the Rhythmic team in 2018, Chrystina began her career as a project coordinator. Now, as a business development lead, Chrystina has been actively involved in the local community. Leading and co-organizing many networking groups like DevOpsDc, Net 2.0, Capital Business Development Association (CBDA). Attending the likes of 20 events a month, she is a master networker and able to bring together like-minded individuals for a cause. Before Rhythmic, she was the corporate bookkeeper for Clyde’s Restaurant Group. She likes spreadsheets, good manners, and food,  especially food. She is an enthusiastic learner taking it day by day, and a sucker for conversation so feel free to connect and learn something new together!