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Christian Kühn

Christian Kühn


Session Name: Continuous Performance Testing

With modern developer workflows come quicker deployments, faster time-to-market, and the fully integrated devops experience. In an ideal scenario, developers can change code and push it to some kind of repository, where it is automatically built, tested and rolled out to some testing or even production environments. The question is: can you still make sure performance holds up with every change before the customer tries the new features? How can you do performance testing as early in the development lifecycle as possible? This talk will showcase an example scenario on how you can enhance your existing ci-pipelines with automated performance tests through all development stages and discuss implications. The presentation will cover easy-to-use open source tooling in a live demo.



Speaker Bio:

Christian Kühn is a Software Developer at dmTECH, currently doing backend development for point of sales and cloud environments. After multiple years in classic operations he rode the DevOps wave into software development, focusing on observability, and software quality, but also in fixing the non-functional impediments in the whole software development process.