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Chris Corriere

Chris Corriere


Session Name: Centeredness & Liminality in the Age of DevOps

How do thresholds in time and space create room for change? Should organizations stay centered in high-velocity production? If so, how can this be accomplished? This talk will contrast and compare socio-technical transformations in a number of organizations across a variety of industries by focusing on: Organization Design, Value Stream Mapping, Wardley Mapping, Socio-technical Complexity and Chaos, and Trust, Conflict, and Security. 



Speaker Bio:

Chris Corriere has been working with data, phones, networks and writing software for over 20 years. His background in mathematics and engineering has allowed him to adapt to new and industry specific technologies and provided many unique consulting opportunities. As a devOps practitioner, Chris is committed to culture, automation, learning, sharing, and having a good time while getting work done.