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Chirag Naik

Chirag Naik


Session Name: Mobile App DevOps from Zero to Hero

This session will cover how the mobile app ecosystem is very different from the backend services ecosystem. What were the challenges faced by a FinTech company when they were struggling with the app releases and only one release reached their 100% users in the last six months? It will talk about CI/CT and CD strategies that were implemented to make sure there were no roll-backs of the app releases.

Speaker Bio:

Chirag is a hardcore Developer for 11 years and has designed and implement web-based applications in multiple sectors like telecom, OTT, FinTech, E-learning domain. He had been avid for DevOps strategies and in the last three years mastered the DevOps methodologies as well as became DevOps enabler for the last organizations he has worked with. He is fascinated about breaking the monolith into micro-services, design CQRS based product architecture and contribute to the open-source libraries.

Currently, he runs his own company named BrioZing which specializes in all pillars of a software life cycle with DevOps and Automation at the core. BrioZing has collaborated with different startups and enterprises to help them build products with the right DevOps strategies from day one.