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Carmen DeArdo

Carmen DeArdo

Carmen DeArdo

DeArdo LLC

Former leader of DevOps transformation at Nationwide Insurance which won the DevOps.com 2016 DevOps Transformation of the Year. Presented at all 4 DevOps Enterprises Summit and numerous other conferences including the keynote at the inaugural DevOpsDays Ohio. While I love to speak, I find that by speaking I actually learn more from the feedback that I get from others. I am a Deming advocate having worked at Bell Labs and regularly blog on linkedIn and DevOps.com on topics relating to value stream architecture, accelerating delivery and culture.

Named as one of the top 100 DevOps Leaders and one of the 25 must follow enterprise DevOps leaders by Tech Beacon. Regularly consult with large enterprises on how to start and sustain DevOps transformations. 

Co-authored “DevOps Case Studies” and “Expanding Pockets of Greatness” published by IT Revolution.

I have been working in IT for 40 years and know more about The Who and Deep Purple than One Direction :-)

Session: Applying DevOps Practices to Architect your Delivery Pipeline for Speed

At the summit of the DevOps journey is the ability for teams to deliver more frequently to be more responsive to their business. This requires that teams understand their delivery value stream bottlenecks and architect their integrated delivery pipeline for speed of delivery.