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Carmen DeArdo

Carmen DeArdo

Carmen DeArdo


Session: Use Flow Metrics to drive Business Results NOW

Your organization is creating a lot of metrics from many different sources. You likely have burn ups and burn downs, frequency of deployment, MTTR and other agile, lean and DevOps metrics. So what do you do with them? Are they used for meaningful business conversations? Do they drive continuous improvement of the flow of business value? This session describes the process and cultural characteristics necessary for using flow metrics to not only improve the flow of all product related work (features, defects, risks and debt) but more importantly run experiments to improve business outcomes in terms of value, quality, cost and happiness of the team and do it in a sustainable and repeatable way.

About Carmen:

Carmen DeArdo is a Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop Technologies consulting with customers on project to product transformations to accelerate their ability to deliver business value. DeArdo is a regular speaker at global DevOps events and author: Standing On Shoulders: A Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation. Previously, as DevOps leader, Nationwide Insurance, Carmen was responsible for driving continuous delivery utilizing DevOps, Lean and Agile practices and helped lead the Most Successful DevOps Transformation of 2016 recognized by DevOps.com. Carmen’s 2018 talk with Nicole Bryan was named 2018 DevOps Presentation of the Year. Holder of 3 patents in Software Engineering while at Bell Labs.