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Carl Molyneux

Carl Molyneux

UK Hydrographic

Session Name: Enabling Developers: Devolution vs Centralisation

When walking the fine line between autonomy and empowerment, and compliance and verification, a hot topic is developer tooling and technologies. Is it prescribed or can teams choose? What happens with many teams? How does this fit with a DevOps approach?

This talk will walk through some of the more common approaches of how tooling and technology is run and governed, the pros and cons of the approaches, coupled with my experience of leading a central developer tooling team in an enterprise setting working with six .Net teams on prem and in cloud; leading on capabilities such as package management, CI/CD, config management, security tools, cloud and more.

Speaker Bio:

Carl has spent the last 4 years at the UK Hydrographic Office helping development teams excel in delivering quality. As the Lead of the Application Lifecycle Management Team, he has been on the front line of building capability and tooling for development teams and helping them achieve their potential. Prior to working in the Public Sector, Carl has worked on software projects for high-demand clients such as winners of The Apprentice and Lord Sugar, and deeply understands the challenges of maintaining high quality practices while delivering. As an advocate of modern software engineering, CI/CD, Agile, DevOps and so much more, Carl is now the Practice Lead for Software Engineering at the UK Hydrographic Office.