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Cansu Kavili Ornek

Cansu Kavili Ornek

Red Hat

Session Name: Codifying Innovation: Using Error Budgets to Bridge Your Organizational Divide

When looking at a traditional organization -- you have two competing forces: those that want to deliver new features as quickly as they’re requested and those that want to provide a stable platform to satisfy their users. And thus, we have our tension. How can we adequately resolve this tension without pitting our teams against one another? How do we avoid getting hung up on the infighting that this tension can cause and bring the focus back to what brings the organization value? Error Budgets allow us to adequately balance these concerns with respect to the priorities of your business and bring harmony to your teams. In this session, we’ll talk about what error budgets are, the backing data and practices needed to define them and the benefit they can bring to you.



Speaker Bio:

As a SRE at Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and a passionate techie, Cansu works in close collaboration with companies to form, enable and accelerate product teams by helping them to adopt DevOps culture and practices.