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Camilo Andres Cortes Hernandez

Camilo Andres Cortes Hernandez-2

Camilo Andres Cortes Hernandez

Amazon Web Services

I’m Systems Engineer with focus on Cloud Computing Architecture and DevOps practices. I’m Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services. Leader, Board member and Speaker of Colombian Community: Cloud First Campus. Love to talk, share, learn and/or teach about new IT tendencies. I’m a geek person who loves tech related things. movies, rock music, tv shows and cats! I’m always looking to participate in tech events as organizer or speaker and also like to support and promote technical communities in Colombia.

Session: Managed Kubernetes Platforms

Managed Kubernetes Service has become an important strategy to start your journey with the container orchestrator. It allows you to host a Kubernetes cluster without configure or manage any type of infrastructure. In this talk you will know what to look for in a Kubernetes Managed Platform.