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Brian Reed


Brian Reed


Session Name: Mobile DevSecOps: 5 Top Tips from Building Mobile Apps Used by Zillions

Mobile apps now dominate all digital time with 70% spent in mobile vs web. In spring 2020, the pandemic drove a dramatic escalation in mobile app downloads as we all shifted remote and for many organizations the pandemic driving pressure for faster mobile digital transformation.

Working with top mobile DevSecOps teams over the past 3 years we have documented key metrics and best practices that drive the most successful teams. For many, the mobile shift starts with the fundamental differences between web vs mobile in architecture, risk models, cadence and production flows into commercial app stores. Join this case study-driven journey of the top mobile apps you know and use covering the 5 top tips for building secure mobile apps with high quality pipelines and fast feedback loops.

Speaker Bio:

Brian Reed brings decades of experience in mobile, apps, security and innovation helping Fortune 2000 global organizations, transformation trailblazers and top mobile brands while growing NowSecure, Good Technology, BlackBerry, BoxTone, ZeroFox, and more. Jump on his storyteller thrill ride - his amazing collection of real-world stories never ends!