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Bryan Finster

Bryan Finster

DoD Platform One

Session Name: Making Metrics Matter

Creating a baseline and tracking metrics are required to improve the flow of delivery. The most common questions, when organizations begin, are "How can we measure CD? What metrics matter?". However, why are we measuring? What are our goals? In this talk, we'll be discussing some common metric anti-patterns. We'll also cover some examples of how to use metrics constructively to identify where improvement efforts should be applied and how to scale that knowledge across the organization.

Speaker Bio:

Bryan Finster has been a software developer since 1996 developing supply chain solutions for many large enterprises. He currently leads the Walmart DevOps Dojo, which focuses on helping teams with the technical and process skills needed to improve their software supply chains. He is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador who advocates for improving the flow of business value with a more humane system of delivery improve their software supply chains.