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Boyke Dian Triwahyudhi

Boyke Dian Triwahyudhi


Session Name: Saving Error Budget With SRE Framework

The objective of the SRE Framework is to define the preparation of the environment, the logistics, and the processes, to ensure all the action in the handling of production issues can be measured and be quickly mitigated/fixed, eventually to save your error budget and make everyone happy by restoring the service back.
The framework is designed to be adaptable regardless of your team size, type of issue (security, privacy, bugs, cost, quality of service, availability), team structure, whether you have SRE in your team or not, or any other reason.



Speaker Bio:

As DevOps Engineer at Autodesk, Boyke works in a team that handles all Autodesk product data. The main responsibility is to ensure all the services are delivered with quality and complied with security requirements. He is also interested in improving the internal process such as Incident Handling Process, Post-Mortem, Escalation Path, Production Change Management, and others.