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BMK Lakshminarayanan

BMK Lakshminarayanan

Bank of New Zealand

Session Name: Our DevOps Journey is Incomplete Without Data

Every company is a “Software Company”, “Software is eating the world”, in these similar lines I recently heard every company regardless of size it is a “Data Company”. True, somewhere or other every organisation produces, consumes, analyses, report Data & makes a decision, promotes, buy, sell, acquire, expand, down-size, so on based on Data. DevOps momentum has seen a rapid growth rate of new tools in the space of CI/CD, ARA(Application Release Automation), frameworks for enabling application delivery at pace. When it comes to Continuous Delivery, modern architecture patterns, practices like Microservices, our delivery teams face challenges with data. I want to discuss some of the challenges that I have gone through, ideas and some concrete pointers to help further to understand the “Data” problem in the DevOps space. If we could go as fast as only our weakest link, then Data, Data Management, Data Architecture, and associated practices need our attention and love.

Speaker Bio:

BMK is a passionate Solutions Architect with over 20 years of ICT experience with the Bank of New Zealand. He is an advocate for modern engineering & developer practices including Cloud Native, Microservices for Enterprise Agility, architecting for Continuous Delivery (CD), DevOps, Observability, Event-driven architecture with Kafka/NATS, Open-source software. He is a polyglot and polymath.

He is a CNCF Ambassador, DevOps Institute Ambassador and Continuous Delivery Foundation Ambassador. As DevOps enthusiast, leads DevOps and continuous delivery community of practices. He is one of the core organizers for DevOpsDaysNZ conference and co-chair for Cloud-Native Summit – Wellington.

BMK hosts the Wellington CNCF meetup for cloud-native enthusiasts and The Future of ICT meetup to help students, people returning to work or looking for career opportunities in ICT.