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Ben Chicoski

Ben Chicoski


Session Name: AvocADDO on Toast and Acquisition Omelet

In today’s federal landscape, it often takes too long to get software-based capabilities – or at least those that are up to snuff – into the hands of end users. There’s a slew of contributing factors all along the acquisition-to-delivery continuum, from ineffective processes to overly complex acquisitions to a lack of incentives for contractors to undertrained acquisition staff. The desired outcomes, on the other hand, are straightforward: Get new capabilities on contract fast and accelerate their approval and delivery. The recipe for success, therefore, includes rework both pre-award (during acquisition) and post-award (during execution). It means tackling the Lean Six Sigma challenge of increasing predictability, minimizing variability, and increasing throughput. Doing so will lead to a scrumptious mélange of all the ingredients that make software “worthy” – functional, relevant, secure, and valued.
This talk is geared toward anyone on the acquisition side or delivery side who wants to increase “Speed to Capability.” Be sure to caffeinate, but save space in your bellies to feast on your first serving of DevOps for the day!

Speaker Bio:

Ben Chicoski is responsible for CloudBees’ public sector growth efforts and strategic partnerships with systems integrator and channel partners, particularly in the area of DevSecOps. CloudBees is the global leader in “continuous everything,” making automation and orchestration tools to link software delivery with business outcomes. Ben heads up the DC area chapter of NADOG, a learning and networking community for DevOps, Agile, Tech Ops, and CI/CD. He also leads a “Speed to Capability” group, focused on agile acquisition and continuous delivery, that provides recommendations from industry to the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). He has no pets unless you count three utterly unwieldy sons.