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Session Name: Dev Team Metrics that Matter

Some engineering managers confuse using data to make better decisions with using data to monitor and stack rank individual developers. I call this the "data-driven trap". Stack ranking is a culture killer but unfortunately, lots of great dev leads with good intentions fall into this trap. It is possible to run a highly data-driven engineering organization without measuring a single individual performance statistic. We do it on my team today. In this session, I share 17 team-based metrics we use to accelerate delivery, remove process friction and maintain positive team culture. Plus I explain how I discovered which metrics work for my team's specific goals, how I use data to translate engineering work to our executive team, and how we cut our Cycle Time by 38% by embedding data into our day-to-day practices. I've written down my entire runbook and I'll be sharing the document with every attendee.



Speaker Bio:

Avishag started her tech career at the young age of 18, as a soldier in Unit 8200, an Israeli Intelligence Corps unit of the Israel Defense Forces responsible for collecting signal intelligence (SIGINT) and code decryption. Avishag worked as a Business Intelligence Developer for a few years, and then made the move to Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, where she joined as a software engineer. A few years later, Avishag joined Cisco, where she developed features for Cisco Umbrellas (SWG). 10 months ago, Avishag came to LinearB, where she develops features for their web app, WorkerB, and public API. Outside of work, Avishag loves to dance. In fact, you can find her teaching Zumba classes in her spare time.