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Session Name: Running Experiments on Kubernetes

Experimentation and fast feedback are of utter importance for engineering creativity. When working with Kubernetes - the sheer complexity of the infrastructure setup and the security safeguards put in place by the Ops often make it hard for developers to iterate fast without stepping on each other's toes. Let's talk about the ways of enabling experimentation without compromising security and quality. observed a lot of teams and orgs dealing with adversities.

Session Name: DevOps Culture - Shifting the Focus to Creativity

In the early years of DevOps, we used to talk a lot about culture. Now it looks like Kubernetes has replaced that.
But seriously: as Patrick DeBois noticed in his recent keynote - the focus of DevOps has been constantly shifting. Now security and observability seem to be the hot topics du jour.
But originally the idea of DevOps was making us more creative, making work more enjoyable!
It's time we shift the focus back to creativity.
Let's discuss how.

Speaker Bio:

15 years in tech, marketing, and leadership roles. All about software delivery optimization. 5 years in technical and executive training. Expert in DevOps, Lean, Systems Thinking, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Native, and Decentralized Systems. Coder, speaker, writer. Fixated on improving the ways humans collaborate by telling mind-provoking stories.