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Session Name: Comprehending Terraform Infrastructure as Code: How to Evolve Fast & Safe

Even after a few years of using Terraform many users still don’t have enough certainty on the infrastructure changes they make. There is a “terraform plan” command, staging environments, and code reviews - everything works with various successes. What are the ways to know the consequences of the changes in advance (literally, as you type)? In the talk, I will explain how we can “shift left” the understanding of Terraform infrastructure as code to developers using Terraform so that they can make correct decisions faster and safer. I will cover several common patterns, IDE and plugins, pre-commit git hooks, CI/CD integrations, and demo some of them in action by doing live coding.

Speaker Bio:

Anton is AWS Community Hero and helps companies around the globe build solutions using AWS and specializes in infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, and reusable infrastructure components. He spends a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor on various Terraform & AWS projects. Such as Terraform AWS modules (downloaded more than 100 million times), Terraform best practices ebook, doing serverless with Terraform, Terraform Weekly, and Your Weekly Dose of Terraform. Anton co-founded and co-organizes AWS, DevOps, HashiCorp User Groups in Norway, DevOpsDays Oslo, and often speaks at various technical meetups and conferences.