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Session Name: Turning an Enterprise into a Learning Community

Airline companies have seen their ups and downs in the last few decades. Usually keeping the lights on triumphs investing in new technology. Delta is no different. We lost a decade and found ourselves well behind the curve. This is a story of how we picked ourselves and our people up, set up various initiatives, and started building a culture of learning to be able to deliver cost efficiency via Digital Transformation. It is important to understand, that everybody starts their journey at a different place. My presentation should inspire people to know we can all get there, no matter where we start. Learning is hard and takes time and discipline. By having some of these programs in your organization, your tool can start a learning revolution.



Speaker Bio:

I am currently a DevSecOps Experience Manager at Delta Air Lines. In my current role, I have set up the development standards for Delta in line with our short-term and long-term vision. I regularly organize and facilitate enterprise-wide developer discussions on various range of topics. I also develop and conduct, both in-person and video-based corporate training on the newest tools and technology. I periodically work with the Enterprise Architecture group to evaluate and create proposals for the adoption of the latest technologies at Delta. I have been at Delta for 15+ years. Over the years I have enjoyed various roles. I like learning new things as well as participating in innovation challenges. Off work you can often find me at various meetups around Atlanta.