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Andy Hinegardner

Andy Hinegardner

State Farm

Session Name: The Ops in DevOps is a VERB. It is not a Noun!

As the #1 insurer of cars and homes in the United States, State Farm® has embarked on a journey to fundamentally change the way teams deliver software through DevOps. State Farm has reshaped the way teams work and interact from the adoption of DevOps practices and behaviors, to the realignment into empowered product teams. With over 6000 IT professionals, a transformation of this magnitude is going to have a few bumps and bruises. What happens when you focus heavily on Development and allow Operations to be treated like a noun instead of a verb? Operations is not a place or group of people that do something. Operations is an action that teams take on their products to remain stable and successful.

This session provides attendees an in-depth look at the State Farm journey to raise awareness of the concept of DevOps within their leadership and to revamp their approach to Ops by focusing on improving the observability, tracing, and monitoring capabilities of our platforms, adopting a site reliability engineer (SRE) mindset, and a lot of enthusiasm to encourage and accelerate adoption of DevOps by product teams. We will share how we used the SRE role and focused on improving the operations capabilities available to product teams to take our DevOps journey to the next level. We will also share how we influenced our leadership to understand how important DevOps is to be successful.

Speaker Bio:

Andy is a Technology Manager at State Farm. Andy started his career in software deployment, server build automation then transitioning to building teams that deliver simple and elegant software solutions. He is now focused on establishing and enabling Enterprise Site Reliability Engineering initiatives. His experience in IT Operations and guiding teams through a digital transformation has enabled him to be a positive force in SRE enablement. Andy puts a focus on learning and challenging himself and his teams while creating a vibrant, creative and fun environment.