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Session Name: Taking Control Over Cloud Costs

The modern SaaS approach requires engineering to address a lot more of the financial element, a critical part of delivery and efficiency which was less common for engineering leadership pre-cloud and in the PaaS era. In high-scale growth companies, the need to manage cloud costs properly is even greater, since an oversight can create an exponential decline in COGS and run-rate. In the talk, we will cover how to optimize the FinOps approach over time, focusing on culture, process, and technology. We will describe the processes and framework that can be applied to every major cloud vendor, and give specific examples and tools we’ve built on GCP to address the needs we had at PerimeterX

Speaker Bio:

Amir Shaked is the Senior VP of research and development at HUMAN Security, responsible for building a multi-zone distributed system that detects and mitigates automated attacks on websites in real-time. Before that, he led several software engineering groups in the Israeli ministry of prime-minister, focusing on cybersecurity products, and worked many years as a software engineer and security researcher. He has extensive experience leading software teams in multiple disciplines, such as web apps, IOT, telecom, and machine learning. He holds an MBA and BS.c in Physics and Economics from Tel-Aviv University