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Amir Rapson

Amir Rapson


Session Name: Stop the Old ‘Lift and Shift’ - Take Your Monolith Direct to Cloud Native

Enterprises who have tried to lift-and-shift their monolithic applications to the cloud are often disappointed with the results. This approach has left them unable to take advantage of the full value of cloud computing - no elasticity, limited saving, and no improvement in engineering velocity or business agility. This session introduces new automation techniques that leverage advances in dynamic analysis, data science, and graph theory to automate and accelerate the decomposition of monolithic applications into microservices to accelerate the path to a cloud native architecture. This eliminates the need for such stopgaps as lift-and-shift and presents architects and developers with a scalable factory model to drive faster application modernization.



Speaker Bio:

Amir Rapson co-founded vFunction and serves as the CTO, where he leads its technology, product and engineering. Prior to founding vFunction in 2017, Amir was a GM and the VP R&D of WatchDox until its acquisition by Blackberry, where Amir served as a VP of R&D. Prior to WatchDox, Amir held R&D positions at CTERA Networks and at SofaWare (Acquired by Check Point). Amir has an MBA from the IDC Herzeliya, and a BSc in Physics from Tel-Aviv University.