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Session Name: Pipelines Without Borders: Creating Reusable CI/CD Pipelines That Work Across Environments

Common reusable CI/CD pipelines are a key feature of Lockheed Martin's Software Factory. Common pipelines encourage adoption of DevOps best practices and simplify introduction of new tools and capabilities. Additionally, when paired with a scalable and container-based CI/CD infrastructure, and a set of common container images, teams can deploy a new CI/CD pipeline with zero setup cost. However, in the defense business, a key barrier to commonality is the need for many separate environments to protect sovereign and classified information. In this presentation, you'll see how we addressed this challenge with templated pipelines and a Pipeline Catalog server that dynamically tailors pipelines to the target environment.
We'll describe how we made it simple to maintain pipelines, by automating releases and distributing pipeline modules across separate community-maintained repositories; how we manage the tradeoff between idempotent builds and streamlined updates to new pipeline capabilities; and just as important, how we arrived at this approach after learning from efforts that weren't as successful.



Speaker Bio:

Alan Hohn is the Director of Software Strategy for Lockheed Martin Corporate Engineering, bringing improvements to software development and delivery, including DevSecOps and the Lockheed Martin Software Factory. He has 25 years with Lockheed Martin as a Fellow, software architect, lead, and manager. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering. Alan is also an avid teacher and author, publishing video courses on a variety of technical topics, including Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, and container orchestration.