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Akash Ganapathi

Akash Ganapathi


Session Name: Security Automation & Policy-as-Code: How the F* Do we Really Do It?

The ultimate goal of security automation is to systematically detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and security events, and in the same breath initiate and execute the correct processes to remediate any issues – a living, self healing, security system. However, generic alert definitions and scanners only create alert fatigue. A low signal-to-noise ratio numbs our senses and all but kills proactivity. A policy-as-code approach, where bespoke security polices define our automations, is the solution, but is difficult to implement in practice. In reality, few security teams have the budget and leeway to prioritize and build such a system. So how the F*&^% do we really do it? We'll be sharing our story down this path and describing how we architected and solved these problems for our own security program to help other companies do the same.

Speaker Bio:

Akash Ganapathi is a Solutions Architect and team lead at JupiterOne. He comes from a software engineering and software architecture background and also operated his own Series A startup prior to joining JupiterOne. Akash is an expert in cloud security, machine learning, and client solutions.