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Aditya Soni

Aditya Soni

Red Hat

Session Name: ArgoCD A GitOps Automated Continuous Delivery Approach On Kubernetes [GKE, EKS, AKS]

GitOps is the next big thing for DevOps and automation for the CI/CD on kubernetes, and ArgoCD is the one of most proficient tech now emerging for automating continues delivery approaches. In this talk I will cover concepts like what is GitOps Approach and why it's becoming new boom in DevOps Culture, best practices or when should you move to GitOps from traditional approaches, what is ArgoCD, Installation, Working, Features, and a practical use case to show how it works, and how you can integrate with your ongoing deployments.



Speaker Bio:

Aditya is very keen for DevOps Methodologies and cloud and always looking for ways to integrate his work with the best fit to an organization. He has contributed to many open source communities and a former LiFT Scholar 2020. He is currently working as an ATSE at Red Hat.