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Aditya Balapure

Aditya Balapure

Aditya Balapure


Adi Balapure is an Information Security Team Lead at Grubhub Inc and a builder, breaker and cyber defender at heart. He likes to evangelize Information Security, go after bad guys in video games and security in general, loves speaking at conferences and avid fan of pop rock music.

With multiple years of experience in all forms of security, some of his core interests are in the field of Application, Cloud Security and Malware Research.

Hit him up on twitter @adityabalapure

Session: Did You Just Break My Auth

Authentication has been a major pillar that has determined the security health of the public web. Privacy and security have all evolved to make the web a more secure place and so have the bad guys evolved with better tactics. This talk will cover how bad guys have targeted web authentication.