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Aditi Mulay

Aditi Mulay

Karsun Solutions LLC

Session Name: Achieving DevOps automation for 60+ applications in a year

Have you added an automated pipeline for an application that performs scan, build, release and test? Now imagine doing the same for 60+ applications within a span of 9 months. To add to the complexity, the applications came with different technology stacks like Dotnet, Java, Groovy. To achieve this goal, we leveraged a common configuration file called Jenkinsfile. This helped us introduce an efficient way to automate applications and also give teams the flexibility to customize the pipeline as per their needs. As part of this presentation, you will learn what a Jenkinsfile is, how to set it up and use it to perform scan, build, deploy and testing. We will discuss ways to customize it for different tech stacks and use it as a standard template.



Speaker Bio:

Aditi Mulay is currently working as a Senior Manager at Karsun Solutions LLC in Herndon, Virginia. She leads a team of Engineers that help develop testing guidelines and practices, implement automation and modernize applications. Aditi has worked nearly every software development role from developer, automation, DevOps to project management in multiple domains like education, advertisement and the government sector. She has managed and lead automation teams and trained and mentored members on best practices in software development.