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Adam Frank

Adam Frank


Session Name: Observability + AI: Better Together

We cannot continue to scale monitoring and observability by simply devoting more humans to the task. AI-driven practices have emerged to help accelerate discovery of potential incidents and outages across applications and infrastructure, avoid emergencies, maintain agility and ultimately continue delivering innovative business services.

This talk will showcase practical AI-driven techniques for surfacing important anomalies and events from the deluge of data, understanding the relationships between alerts and obtaining the context needed to engage the right teams and people.

Attendees will:
Learn to set expectations for how AI can help SREs respond and resolve incidents before there’s any business impact.
See first-hand how AI automates systems and human processes to reduce toil.
Learn how to transform their data from little context into something SREs can easily decipher as important and actionable for improved customer experience.

Speaker Bio:

Adam Frank has been with Moogsoft for three years and currently leads the product and design teams. Formerly a Moogsoft customer, he has brought insights from a user perspective to the Moogsoft Observability Cloud. His work has focused on making better user experiences, simple messaging, ease of use, and self-service, each a focus of Moogsoft’s latest platform advancements. He has also led the company’s push to a cloud-native and SaaS-first model.