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Abhijit Das

Abhijit Das

Tata Consultancy Services

Session Name: Securing DevOps with Machine Learning Enabled Models

If we can recognize the patterns and predict possible security issues, we can prevent almost all security issues. Deep learning is such an area which can help in creating such predictive and preventive models. The result of such models can be used to make decisions in various stages of an SDLC and ITSM, such as while approving a release to production, while designing a software component, while covering security test cases etc. Moreover, a deep learning model also is able to find patterns in inputs from end customers in production environments, keeping personal information protected, and predict possible upcoming risk to process such data. This session will be around the deep learning model which will help to improve the security profile of an application as well as the end customers using the applications.

Speaker Bio:

Abhijit is a DevOps Solution Architect in Tata Consultancy Services. He has a total ten years of IT experience and has been practicing DevOps for the last 5 years. He has driven DevOps transformation journeys for more than six customers from the US, Scandinavian Countries, UK and Europe.