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Abdelmajid Aneddame

Abdelmajid Aneddame

Cloud Solutions Architect

Session Name: Everything as a Code

Automation is one of the pillars of the Cloud ecosystem, and nowadays, it is a must in every company's strategy to ensure the 'Move to the Cloud journey' is successful. This discussion will be around the basics, tools and best practices of effective automation strategy, by showing all the fields that could be automated : Everything as a code!


Speaker Bio:

As an Azure cloud Architect, I have worked for many large companies in the IT field, designing and implementing Azure & AWS Infrastructure Solutions, deploying & Operating S-SDLC PaaS platforms and third party vendors: SonarQube, Nexus Repository Manager, JFrog Artifactory, Nexus Lifecycle IQ, Checkmarx, Nagios, and DefectDojo. I am also a contributor to the FinOps Foundation Community, as a speaker and community contributor. I am passionate about helping people and leveraging my technical knowledge to solve meaningful, real-world problems that make a real impact on society.