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All You Need to Know about DevOps Connect: DevSecOps at RSAC Singapore

On July 25th, DevOps.com, Sonatype and All Day DevOps will be flying to Singapore to deliver a full day of DevSecOps sessions as part of training day at RSA Conference APJ. Here's all the information you need in order to attend the DevSecOps seminars, who the speakers are and what their sessions will cover. If you're in Sinagpore, it's going to be "the place to be" on July 25.

From Water-Scrum-Fall to DevSecOps

As organizations abandon the waterfall method of software development for Agile, many are stuck in what Hasan Yasar terms Water-Scrum-Fall. That is, the organization has not effectively embraced Agile and DevOps principles and remains in silos with no links to business goals. Enter DevOps, an extension of Agile thinking. While Agile embraces constant change and embeds the customer into the process, DevOps embraces constant testing and delivery and embeds operations into the team to internalize expertise on deployment and maintenance.

Continuous Everyone: Engaging People Across the Deployment Pipeline

We have Continuous Integration and we have Continuous Deployment, but what’s continuous across all of what we do is people. Even when tasks are automated, someone wrote the automation. So, Jayne Groll evangelizes about Continuous Everyone.

DevSecOps at RSAC Singapore 2017

On July 25, DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Edition will present a full day seminar of DevOps practitioners and technicians talking about their company's journey to DevOps. Register using the "Visitor" pass, and you'll have free access to an entire day of DevSecOps on July 25, plus access to the Expo Hall for the duration of the conference. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Open DevOps 2017: change, collaborate, and improve

The second edition of Open DevOps has successfully concluded. This year the event took place in Milan and Rome, respectively on the 16th and on the 18th of May. At the meeting, international speakers and representatives from different companies participated to debate the concept of DevOps and which is the best strategy to adopt for integrating this highly debated but underused method.

How Software is Getting Us to Mars

Who knows Elon Musk?  

I don’t.

But my friends and I need a favor. You see, for the second year in a row we are organizing and hosting a free, community led, online, global conference called All Day DevOps. During the conference, 96 speakers will be sharing their DevOps experiences detailing new ways people are working together to build software. With 25,000 folks expected to attend, we would love to offer a mind-blowing keynote.

Embedding Ownership: A DevOps Best Practice

From where I sit in the DevOps community, there is often more focus on dev than on ops. Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) of SimplifyOps sought to change that with his talk, Ops Happens: DevOps Beyond Deployment, at the All Day DevOps conference.

How Capital One Automates Automation Tools

Listening to his talk, it seems like George Parris and his team at Capital One aren’t keeping “banker’s hours.” George is a Master Software Engineer, Retail Bank DevOps at Capital One. At the All Day DevOps conference, George gave a talk, entitled Meta Infrastructure as Code: How Capital One Automates our Automation Tools with an Immutable Jenkins, describing how they automated the DevOps pipeline for their online account opening project for Capital One, a major bank in the United States. Of course, there is a lot to learn from their experience.

Container Considerations on Your DevOps Journey

Containers are things for your things. That is true in the development world too - containers are things for your software, and, like containers for your things, software containers can help you be organized, efficient, and secure.

Don't Fly to that DevOps Conference

Last year, I was able to attend 18 DevOps conferences. I saw some awesome presentations, met incredible people, and expanded my knowledge of the latest practices. While my role as the DevOps Advocate for Sonatype enables me to get out to all of these conferences, not everyone has the time, the budget, or the approval to get to even one event a year.